Porcelain Tree Decoration with gold lustre


Handmade porcelain tree decoration with raised stars details and gold lustre.
Size: approximately 7.2 cm x 5.5 cm
Each ornament comes attentively packaged in a lovely presentation box for safe keeping or gift giving.

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Please note that since each decoration is handcrafted, the item you will receive will be similar but not identical to the one shown in the photographs, but just as gorgeous! Position of relief and cut out stars may vary making each ceramic tree unique.

Each ceramic ornament is an original unique creation completely hand worked. After shaping and texturing, the beads are allowed to air dry for a day or so and then slowly bisque fired to a temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius over a period of 8/9 hrs. The ceramic beads are then painted using a variety of lead-free glazes and high fired once more to allow the colours to develop fully and to further strengthen the beads. Although ceramic pieces are quite strong after firing care should be take when handling them as they will chip or brake if dropped on a hard surface.