Brio – Dichroic glass statement necklace


Brio, sterling silver and dichroic glass statement necklace.

The Brio is a range of intriguingly playful necklaces in which the sterling silver and dichroic glass components are left free to move along the neckline bringing gentle jingling sounds to the wearing experience.


Three slim dichroic glass pendants alternate with four .925 sterling silver elements. The three dichroic beads have a satin finish and measure 8 mm by 50 mm approx.

The pendants are strung on an Italian sterling silver 16″ (40.5cm) omega chain.

Supplied in a presentation box with enclosed an information note about the work.



Dichroic glass consist of a base coloured glass which has been coated with thin films of metallic oxides to selectively reflect and transmit wavelengths of light. The results is a glass displaying a wonderful, iridescent play of colors.

Each dichroic glass jewel is an original unique creation completely hand worked. In a time intensive process, the glass is cut to shape, the pieces are combined in several layers and then fired a number of times in a high temperature kiln to produce some stunning colour combinations and shimmering effects