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ELEGANT MONOCHROME – Black & White Porcelain

Black and white combinations are a classic must have and their simplicity is the very essence of true timeless elegance.
Made from unglazed black and white porcelain, the pieces in this range feature simple organic lines and tactile satin surfaces. Designed to make a statement as well as be wearable, durable and comfortable. 

There are two collections within this range.

monochrome porcelain earrings


Komorebi (木漏れ日): The interplay between light and leaves when sunlight shines through trees.

Inspired by the beauty find in the natural world, this collection of porcelain and sterling silver jewellery capture the essence of contemporary elegance whilst retaining a timeless, classic feel.

The stylised leaves are handcrafted from contrasting black & white porcelain and accented with occasional gentle touches of 22k gold lustre.
The porcelain is left unglazed to maintain  a tactile satin matte surface and combined with a clean and simple metalwork.

In the Loop

In the Loop

Minimalist meets modern in this collection of black & white porcelain featuring a circular loop design and completed with hand-forged sterling silver fittings. 

The porcelain loops are shaped by hand and fired at a very high temperature without glaze, which results in a wonderful satin matte surface. The metalwork is kept clean and simple, creating pieces that make a statement and yet are easy to wear every day. 

The handmade techniques used mean each piece is unique with no two pieces being exactly identical.


A distinctive range of black matt porcelain jewellery enriched with 22K gold or fine silver lustres. Available in a variety of designs with a choice of matt or satin lustre finish. Maximum impact with minimum effort from these eye-catching pieces. Every piece of porcelain is made by hand, so is unique in form and size. Most of them experience two cycles of high temperature firing before being hand painted with precious metal lustres and fired for a third time. After this final kiln firing the beads are assembled into tactile & surprisingly lightweight pieces of jewellery that are easy to wear and perfect for any occasion.  

There are three collections within this range



An extremely wearable collection which includes pendants, earrings, cufflinks and bracelets. Bold and eye catching, they cannot fail to impress



A simple and striking collection featuring long slim black porcelain beads. Surprisingly lightweight, these pieces inspire drama and elegance with a lively and modern touch.



A tactile collection featuring thin, irregular matte black porcelain slices combined with 22k gold lustred discs.
A dramatic look with a simple modern twist.

RHAPSODY Collection


A colourful collection of handmade dichroic glass jewellery incorporating pure silver foil inclusions.

Pendants are either strung on colour coordinated nylon coated wire chokers or on modern sterling silver semi rigid omega chains.

The Rhapsody collection is currently available in 6 colourways and in a choice of various silver foil patterns.

ARABESQUE Collection

The Arabesque is a range with a strong contemporary feel, boasting vibrant colours and lines reminiscent of the graceful movements of ballet dancers. Available in various colour and patterns.

Handmade from 925 sterling silver and dichroic glass.

sterling silver and dichroic glass necklace set

FIORATO Collection

The Fiorato collection has romance at its centre and focuses on a classical floral theme.

Handcrafted from coloured & white Parian porcelain, the charming pendants in this collection feature tiny plum blossoms nestling on white porcelain discs delicately imprinted with various floral designs.


Inspired by the rich colours and opulence of Venetian Masquerade masks, the Rialto is a range of porcelain jewellery characterised by simple geometric shapes, luxurious gold accents and brilliant & vivid colours to match fashion trends.

The ceramic pieces in this range are complemented perfectly by sterling silver, 18K gold vermeil findings and luscious hand-dyed silk ribbons to transform them in desirable little gems of luxury that can be worn every day.


A range of soft cuff bracelets designed to luxuriously envelop the wrist. Modern and full of individuality, they are adjustable to fit any wrist size.

 There are three collections within this range



Brass or copper focal discs are etched or embossed with various designs and flame coloured to bring out the textures and natural metal tones  Currently available in two designs: Shooting Stars and Under the Sea.



A selection of Aurora’s bright and colourful ceramic beads, metal charm beads and spacers are threaded onto recycled jersey yarn, offering a funky quirk and a fresh feel that appeals to all ages. A versatile design that can also be worn as a necklace.



Large ceramic connectors imprinted with a variety of floral designs are the focal points in this range of wrap bracelets. Each one-of-a-kind, they are available in many assorted designs and colours.