In her Cambridgeshire workshop Aurora uses dichroic glass to create handmade, unique, kiln fused glass jewellery and wall art

Glass Fusing

Aurora Lombardo Designs


Contemporary Jewellery

with a Touch of Italian Flair

dEsigned and handmade in the uk

Dichroic glass consists of a base coloured glass which has been coated with thin films of metallic oxides to selectively reflect and transmit wavelengths of light. The results is a glass displaying a wonderful, iridescent play of colors. The unique qualities of dichroic glass make it work brilliantly in jewellery. The color changes with its environment and viewing angle creating dynamic, wearable art.

Dichroic glass


Each dichroic glass jewel is an original unique creation completely hand worked. In a time intensive process, the glass is cut to shape, the pieces are combined in several layers and then fired a number of times in a high temperature kiln to produce some stunning colour combinations and shimmering effects. Once fused the glass is ground to shape and fired once more to achieve the final polished finish. 

Due to the handmade nature of the glass, no two pieces are ever quite the same so you can be sure you're wearing something unique.

The Fusing Process


We make every effort to present each item on our website as accurately as possible. However, dichroic glass is notoriously difficult to photograph and capturing the beautiful sparkle and depth in the glass can sometime be challenging.

Due to the fact that different monitors display colours differently, please allow for slight variations in colour between the product images and the actual item.